"Thou art to me a delicious torment."
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Fantasy in D minor


     She flinched as her bare feet felt cold concrete under them, rather than soft carpet. Her steps were, of necessity, small, as her Master had hobbled her feet at the same time He put on the blindfold and leash. He told her only that He was taking her out, knowing she would trust Him to lead her without misstep, obeying without question His every command. She was apprehensive, even a little nervous, but took comfort in knowing that He would never allow her to be permanently harmed.
     She began to hear music as she walked behind Him, softly at first, then louder as He lightly tugged her leash to turn her. She heard a door open, and suddenly the music was pouring around her, the discordant strains of Bartok’s ‘Sonata for Violin and Piano’ wrapping her in a cocoon of thorns. Her skin twitched. She could smell cigars, very expensive cigars, and brandy and leather, as well as the aromas of several different expensive colognes. At the urging of her leash, she stepped forward.
     Her head turned, just slightly, at a low whistle to her right. “You weren’t kidding, your pet is quite lovely. Congratulations, my friend. And how wonderful of you to share.” The voice she heard was rough and low, lower even than her Master’s, and both turned her on and scared the shit out of her at the same time. Master’s chuckle was a reassuring distraction, bring her back to herself before shocking her with the words, “She’s a hell of a pain slut, this one. You lot will have your hands full.” Lot? Her mind buzzed frantically. How many was a lot? He’d never shared her before, with anyone! She started to shake, and the sexy-voiced Dom who’d spoken before noticed.
     “I think your pet is a bit nervous. Why don’t we…relieve her anxiety somewhat? Let me take off the blindfold.” At the positive rumble from her Master, hard, warm hands encircled her throat for a moment before moving up to undo the laces of the blindfold. She blinked as it came away, looking around in somewhat frightened curiosity. The room she was in was definitely a dungeon of some sort, but the most sumptuous she’d ever seen. Thick, soft red carpet covered not only the floor, but most of the walls as well, though some of the walls had lush velvet panels hanging on them. The ceiling was crossed with heavy, dark beams, dotted here and there with large hooks and eyebolts. There was standard dungeon equipment, but it looked older and more heavily constructed than any she’d seen before. The faint, lingering miasma of sex and fear and pain was a soft burn in the back of her nostrils.
     A hard tug on her leash brought her to swift attention, her eyes shifting from her Master to, she assumed, the sexy-voiced Dom, to the other men and their leashed pets that littered the room. The place was huge! And crowded. Another tug. “Pay attention, kitten, or I’ll have to punish you already.” She focused on Him. “We are here to play and socialize. While we are here, you will obey any Master that orders you to do something, unless He orders you to leave. If a Master orders you to do something that I have already told you to avoid, and you’d better hope you remember your list, kitten, you may refer Him to me. You may chat and socialize with any of the collared slaves that are here, eat whatever food you like, and drink in moderation. I don’t want you getting tossed and throwing up; I would consider that an embarrassment and you know what the punishment for that is, yes?” He pulled her around and unbound her hands, giving her a hard smack on the ass and a little push.
     She looked uncertainly over her shoulder at Him. “Yes, kitten, I’m ordering you to socialize naked.” His eyes darkened and His brow lowered a bit. “You aren’t questioning me, are you?” That awful tone! Quickly, she shook her head and looked around the room again, spotting a small cluster of naked, collared figures and heading for them. Before she could take two steps, she was stopped by another hard tug on her leash. Thinking that Master wasn’t finished with her, she turned expectantly….to find her leash wrapped in the huge hand of the sexy-voiced Dom. “Not so fast, kitten. I’ve been hearing your Master rave about you for a long time. Let’s go see,” and He gestured at one of the many small dungeon groupings, a heavy old St Andrews cross, a leather padded spanking bench, and a standing cabinet filled with implements she couldn’t name, “what you’re made of.” Heart pounding, nipples hard as rubies, she followed. What else could she do? 

Pt 2; Decision

The trip across the huge space seemed to take forever. i gawked around as the sexy stranger Dom led me to what He explained was “My personal playpen, where I keep my personal toys.” The dungeon equipment looked old, made of heavy, dark wood, scarred from long use but polished and well kept. The leather cuffs on the St. Andrews cross gleamed with fresh oiling, and there was a faint smell of antiseptic. With another, harder tug on my leash, He stood me in front of a spanking bench and ordered me to stay put for a moment.
     i heard a click and a whooshing sound behind me, but i’m too well trained to move when Master tells me to stay put. i gave myself a little shake. This isn’t my Master, i remind myself. He’s a Master, and i’ll do what He tells me, but He isn’t my Master. So why is my traitorous pussy clenching? “Turn around now, pet.” That deep, gravelly voice sent a frisson of lust-tinged warning straight down my center to my groin as i complied. I was able immediately to identify the strange noise i’d heard; there was now a wall angled across the small area, effectively blocking it from casual sight. Noting the direction of my gaze, He told me, “I am not as fond of an audience as some.”
     He took my hand and pulled me to stand directly in front of Him, wrapping a huge hand around my throat and forcing me to my knees. Odd how it doesn’t really feel like He’s pushing me down, I thought. Looking deeply into my eyes, He spoke. “I am a sexual sadist, pet. Over the years, I have learned a great deal of control, and I enjoy exercising it. I will give you pain, sensual pain like you’ve never experienced, and if you trust Me, you will also feel pleasure greater than anything you’ve ever known. Can you do it? Can you trust Me?”
     i felt like a great, yawning abyss, open at my feet, had just presented a bridge. A terrifying, narrow bridge with no handrails, but still, a way across. My Master, while not averse to a good beating now and then, was more into the bondage aspect of this life than the pain. He was right when He told the Man before me that i’m a pain slut. i had a chance of a lifetime here, i thought. Can i really let it pass me by? Swallowing audibly, i spoke. “How may i address you, Sir?” He smiled softly, approvingly, at my deference. “You may call Me Master Vanya, pet. Now answer my question.” His eyes practically glowed in the dim light, and for the first time i noticed that they were green. Taking a deep breath, i nodded. “Yes, Master Vanya.” The name rolled over my tongue like fine chocolate. “Yes, i can trust you.” He smiled broadly, even white teeth flashing in the gloom. “ I sense that you and I will get along famously. Welcome to my dungeon, pet. Let your journey begin.”  

Pt 3; Transcendence

i shuddered as the whip stroked my flesh like a lover’s caress. i’d lost track of time, moving through a place of pure sensation; pain, and pleasure, and pain again. Master Vanya was sweating lightly as He raised His arm for another stroke. “Had enough, yet, pet?” Considering the heat that still curled throughout my body, the electric tingle that shot to my groin with every stroke of the whip, I knew I wasn’t nearly done yet. “No, Master Vanya. Please, Sir, more, please?” my voice was husky and low with desire and need. He chuckled, His own rampant arousal obvious. “You please Me, pet. Very much so. We’ll continue, then.” And down came the whip again. The mingled sting of whip cuts and salty sweat was intoxicating to me. My clit throbbed in time with His strokes, and I found myself nearing the peak again. As instructed, i begged for release. “ Please Master Vanya, please, I’m going to cum, Sir, please may I cum, Sir?” This time, however, He didn’t acquiesce to my pretty pleading.
     “No, pet, I think you will have to work harder for your pleasure this time. Be still for a moment.” He put the whip neatly with the other implements He’d used so far; switch, paddle, cane, Whortenberg Wheel, some glistening with drops of blood, others sweaty and all in need of cleaning. Coming up behind me, He unlatched the cuffs i wore from the bolts on the St. Andrews cross and bound my hands behind my back again. Forcing me to my knees, He informed me that i was going to suck His cock for a while, and, if i performed well, He’d fuck my ass. He’d heard i liked it, He said. i shivered in anticipation, and watched with an admittedly hungry gaze while He lowered His slacks.
     He wore no underwear, and His erection sprang out almost gleefully, as if glad to be free. i admit to a moment’s trepidation; His cock had to be the largest i’d ever seen not made of latex. my mouth began to water, and He smiled that darkling smile that i was beginning to know so well before grasping the back of my neck and thrusting His cock between my hungry lips. i could barely get Him all the way down, and i gagged when He bottomed out in my throat. Things became a bit of a blur as i sank even further into subspace. He used my mouth, fucked it, hard, until i could feel He was nearly ready to cum. He pushed me off, breathing heavily, and grinned viciously. “Looks like you’ve earned yourself a class A fucking, pet, and I’ll be happy to oblige. Stand up and turn around.”
     He unbound my hands from behind my back and pushed me over the spanking horse. Reaching beneath, He pulled a fat, wedge shaped pillow out and settled it under my thighs, raising my ass to the perfect level. i swallowed another little shiver of fear. That huge cock would be the largest thing by far that had ever been in my ass, and i knew it was going to hurt. At the same time, it would also stoke me to a good O. He came around the front of the horse and secured my cuffs to rings at the very bottom, stretching my arms forward and down. i was totally exposed and vulnerable, helpless, and i loved it.     
     i could hear Him moving around behind me, but His voice, so close, still made me jump. Goddess, what a sexy voice He had! It grabbed ahold of my pussy and tugged every time He spoke. “You aren’t allergic to anything, are you, pet? I use a natural lubricant for this sort of play, grapeseed oil. Better for the skin.” Still in subspace and very literal, i answered slowly. “I’m not allergic, Master Vanya. i use grapeseed oil in my bath.” i felt the warm trickle of oil creeping down my crack into my rosebud. “That’s excellent, pet. You’re a smart little kitten; I like that.” i could hear the slow slid of skin on skin as He coated that marvelous cock with the oil, then i felt it nudging my little puckered hole. i gulped. “You can still change your mind, pet. Are you ready for this?” He pushed in a little, the blunt, smooth head of His shaft spreading me insistently. i gasped with it. “Yes, yes, yes, please, Master, please, fuck my ass, please!” Before i could draw another breath, He rammed Himself home, balls deep. The tearing, screaming pain was an agony, and i screamed with it, but He stayed seated in my back hole, waiting. Waiting for my body to accept Him, and He knew it would. And it did. The splitting pain subsided to be replaced by the most intense, pleasurable sensation i could remember.
     And then He began to move. And as He moved, the damn wheel began it’s run over my skin. In, out, up, down, over and over. The sensation was almost more than i could stand. And it only became more intense. i have no idea how long He fucked my ass and tortured my skin; my head was so far away from the rest of me that there was no thought, nothing but sensation. Then He leaned forward, His hot skin burning me, and wrapped His large hands around my throat again. i was desperate for release, writhing with my need, ready to beg, to do anything, when He whispered in my ear. “Cum with me, pet, I want to feel you cum with me. Right now, pet. Cum!” And oh, great green Goddess, i came.  i came, exploded, I don’t know how else to describe it. i saw the God in seven different colors. It was the most spectacular orgasm i’ve ever experienced, and it lasted forever. i felt His hot cum jetting into my belly, felt Him jerk and shout hoarsely as He reached His pleasure, then i think I actually greyed out for a moment. He was still, collapsed across my back, breathing heavily.
     “My god, pet. What a good girl you are. When your Master told me you were quite the pain slut, I didn’t really believe it, but you are, indeed. You took everything I dished out and then some. Your Master should be proud of you.” His words were soothing. He released me from the cuffs and drew me to another area of the great room, where there were showers and hot tubs. He cleaned me up, tended the whip cuts and other marks, and then sat me on His lap in huge velvet covered recliner just stroking me. i was blissful, and fell asleep to the sound of that sexy voice humming under my ear.

Pt 4; Change

She cracked open a bleary eye and tried to get her bearings.  She remembered the pain; the searing, delicious agony of it, taking her to heights her Master had never attempted. She remembered Master Vanya, the way His eyes had burrowed straight through her, looking into her as she feasted on Him.

Rolling over, she felt her soreness, the whip cuts and Wheel tracks,  marks and bruises and.....the whole night flashed through her mind and she shivered in remembrance, delighting in the pull of well used muscles. Goddess, even her hair felt sore. She sat up, then paused, looking around in some confusion. " This isn't my room.." her voice was a bit hoarse from the noise she'd made the night before.

"No, pet. It's mine." That voice! Her pussy clenched in automatic reaction, sore as she was, and she whirled around on the bed. There was a velvet covered sofa against the wall, and  there, half in shadow, was Master Vanya, brilliant green eyes blazing. His plain white shirt was unbuttoned, as were his slacks, and the sight of His exposed flesh made her mouth water. he gazed at her knowingly, and nodded in approval as she kept silent.

"Good girl. I know you have questions, and I'll answer them, but first come here to me." She got down quickly from the tall bed, wincing a little at her sore parts, and walked over to where He sat. She knelt before Him, as she'd been taught, and put her hands behind her back and bowed her head. She was a bit startled when she felt His fingers, firm but gentle, raising her chin. "First rule for you, pet. I own you for now, but I will not tolerate you cringing or avoiding My eyes. No more bowing your head, understand? " Mutely, she nodded. Master had always taught her that it was disrespectful to look Him in the eyes, yet....she was still confused. Master Vanya owned her now?

     "That's a girl. Last night, you performed beautifully, pet. I was very impressed; not many show the joy in pain that you do." She blushed and started to lower her head. His 'tsk tsk' stopped her and she raised her eyes back to His. What she saw in them floored her. Lust, sheer dominance, respect, and a vast reservoir of sexual need, wrapped in a steadfast caring. She'd never seen this in her old Master's eyes, even when she sneaked a peek. The lust, of course, and appreciation, but the rest....

     "your former Master and I have made a deal. A swap, so to speak. I've given Him a pair of subs I've been training, a man and a woman, in exchange for you. In 60 days, if either of us is unhappy with the arrangement, we return each others property and call it good." Stunned, she rocked back on her heels a bit, eyes wide. 60 days? With this green-eyed god before her?

    He laughed out loud at the expression on her face. " I love your expressive fave, pet, as much as your responsiveness to Me. Di you notice that your collar is gone?" Reflexively, her hand shot up to her neck to find the slim mesh band missing. He reached under a cushion and came out with a slender bit of supple black leather, adorned with little silver studs. "You'll wear this now, my pet," His voice was husky with desire as He leaned over her and fastened the collar around her neck. His hand was firm and warm around her throat, and he lifted her up and settled her across his lap, caressing her bottom with His huge hands. "Second rule, pet. First thing in the morning, on a normal day, you will serve my cock with that lovely mouth. Today, however, being your first with me, I think I'd rather feast on you." 

Pt. 5; All Mine

her pussy had been clenching constantly for days, since she'd woken up in this strange and wonderful place. Master Vanya had kept His promise, and then some. He'd given her pain, and then pleasure, and then pain, in a dizzying spiral that kept climbing and climbing. 

The walls of the dungeon, hung with heavy wool drapes to keep out the underground chill, rang with the muffled cries of the woman on the St. Andrews cross. Each stroke of the flogger on her already tormented skin caused her to twitch and cry out. Her skin gleamed with sweat, and her thighs ran with the product of her desire; to the Man wielding the flogger, the heady aroma was intoxicating and arousing, and His eyes gleamed. Her hips jerking, she suddenly shouted. “ oh, Goddess, please, Master, please, may I cum now, please!!” As He had the three times before, He denied her. “Slut, you will cum when I’m good and ready to allow it. Now be still!!” She shuddered and sobbed in frustrated need, but did as she was told. “That’s a good pet…now let’s get you down from there, shall we?” He tossed the flogger onto a nearby table and moved to her side. “I know what you need, my good little slut, “ He crooned,  unhooking her wrists, and then her ankles, tucking her into His arms for a moment and stroking her shuddering body before leading her to a bench and giving her a glass of water. He continued to pet her and stroke her until her shivering subsided, and she raised her head to look into His eyes.

     In His gut, He felt a wrenching shift as she raised her gaze to His, her pain and lust both shining from her like the moon on a clear night. There was something right in the way she fit Him, something that the predator instinct responded to as to nothing before, and He’d be damned if He’d give it up. He held her more tightly for just a moment, then drew her over the spanking bench and fastened her down. He could feel the heat coming from between her thighs as her came to her, His engorged length nudging at her folds, a trickle of moisture almost burning the head of His cock as teased her. “Master, please….” She whimpered, beyond lust now. With a deep breath, He plunged into her molten hole, and was soon on fire Himself. Leaning forward, He grabbed a fistful of her hair for better purchase, and continued to pound into her with ferocity. She was keening, ready, and He stopped her words before she could speak. “Only when I say, pet, only when I say.” Another frustrated sob, and He grinned. He lost Himself in her blissful heat for a moment, feeling His own orgasm build, and build…when He knew He was ready, He relented and gave her release. “ Now, pet, cum for me now!” His shout was hoarse with His own desire, and she began to spasm before He finished speaking. She screamed, the sensation too intense, too much, too….and it didn’t stop, as He continued to fuck her hard. And just as she began to regain some measure of awareness, He exploded inside her, triggering another massive wave of pleasure.

When He’d unfastened her, and removed the cuffs at wrist and ankle, He wrapped her in a soft towel and held her in His lap in a soft recliner. He kissed her softly, and she closed those magnificent eyes as He reached into the drawer under the table next to Him. He settled her in a bit, then reached up and unbuckled the training collar. Her eyes flew wide, and she put her hand up to stop Him. A swift look, a raised eyebrow, and she drew back in confusion. “ I don’t understand, Master. Have I done something wrong? “ Putting the training collar into the drawer, He turned back to her, that grin she loved so much back in place. Reaching for her again, He put another collar around her neck, a polished ring set with gems, and locked it neatly with a strange little key that she was sure she’d never see again. Comprehension dawned, and she grinned back at Him.